sample texture board
Felted soaps seem to be in at the moment, and I know this because?? there was an article in the newspaper with a lovely photo of some brightly colored felted soaps. I went online and watched some utube videos and decided to order some wool.  I picked he natural colors because I like the idea of soaps that look like stones(goes with my granite counter tops)....I made four a couple of days ago and started thinking...felted, fuzzy, soft looking centers "hearts" for my paintings...then the leap....why not just pressed right into the molding paste like I do yarns??? This will allow for wider areas of wool texture along with the long strands of the knubby yarns. So, off to the Studio to test it out. Finishing the surface may prove to be a problem but I'll worry about that later ...or not.

Here is the result in light molding paste with the materials rolled in with a brayer... this gives a cool look to the paste as well. I'm thinking this will be great for the making of plates for printmaking next month ...We will see in a few weeks.

New ideas are always out there just ready to be "found." It is just a matter of looking at things that interest you and then seeing how else you can apply them. I knew I liked the look of those soaps..and now I have turned that idea into  a new material for my work.

AND...making the soap was fun and sudsy!!!


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Paperclay...oh yes!!!!!


Venus figurines
I've missed being able to play with I have found a paperclay material that works just like clay but is light weight and..I'm not allergic to it!!  These figurines are destined to be added to my molding paste flows in the new series that is on the drawing board.  I also plan a Moon Face Women series some time...soon.  Next month I start a printmaking class so better get them under way before January 9th. I'll be busy after that learning how to make cool prints.

I have known about paperclay since my sister, Kahtleen, sent me some years ago... I have just rediscovered how cool it is.  Now to test how the paint will work with it.  I really want to make it look old like carved bone....we'll see.

AND..I loved checking that adult content insane.  Hope I didn't shock anyone on fb!!!


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Welcome to Seagrass Gallery!


Allure is one of the first paintings you see when entering Seagrass Gallery. She is there to welcome and entice people to come in and see all the lovely objects Doris has gathered into the gallery.  It really is amazing; there is something for everyone. My paintings are combined with Dolors Ruscha's glass sculpture in a very dramatic display.  I love that our work is together as her glass is also in Allure. My latest gyotaku are also available in the gallery.  

I've fallen for some jewelry with big hunks of dreuze??? and I really need some of those cool fish Ms. Goff  makes that can go outside.  She was my pottery instructor back in the 90's......awesome creations from her!

When you drop in, be sure to tell Doris you heard from me just what a wonderful job she is doing!


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Hanging out at the Spa!


Solstice in treatment
Fourteen of my paintings have it made for the next couple of months as they will be hanging out in the very lovely Skin Care Lounge located in Stanwood, Washington. It's right across the street from Bartell's on the hill. Bella Salon and the Skin Care Lounge are partners in the space and it is a lovely space to hang paintigns....lots of soft colored walls and beautful lighting. The art work looks more like it is in a home than a retail space. You will just have to pop in and see it to believe how lovely it looks in there!

And..while you're at it... check out the services these businesses offer. I'm going for the AHA Peel myself. I 'm hoping the girls don't get any ideas and run up my bill with a lot of fufu fun treatments!  Save it for the humans ..right?


Gina when you come to visit we will have to go for a treatment're my spa girl!

Casey is my sales person there and is confident that my work will do well. I love confidence!


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Celebrate...Romance & Rejoice!!!


The pack up
Lots of reasons to be, I am.  First, Romance is headed to Texas to the home of my nephew, Marshall, and his new wife, Tessa.  I know my girl will be happy there as long as they keep the air conditioning on in the summer. Second, Rejoice is headed to Colorado to the home of a friend of mine from junior high school. Third, this is the first sale that can be directly tied to my web site and, how coo lis that?? Fourth, I finished these paintings on 11/27/11....the paint is barely dry and they are headed out the door.... a totally new experience for me. And finally, with the sale to Colorado I have met my 2011 goal!!

Many of you know that I donate 10% of my sales to good causes. This year it was Lima Sunrise Rotary Club's  clean water project. I sent them the money in August with the firm conviction I would sell enough to cover it.  And...I did.  The power of positive thinking!

The goal for 2012 is in the works.  I'm leaning more to growth as an artist verses growth in sales.


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