The wedding gift!!


wedding paintings,first paint
The first steps have been taken...I like to work on two paintings at a time and since I know one is going away swiftly, I will want one to look at for awhile.  Marshall requested the colors as in Release so that is what I'm doing...blues..hooker's green with golden reds....the glass piece on the right side one has some great texture underneath and is already glowing.  The one on the left has a natural green stone with white streaks...the choice will be natural vs. golden glow.

I'm also including the special effect in Release caused by spraying insullation foam, letting it dry, peeling it off and then painting over it...the residual foam really sucks up the paint and leaves a real cool squiggle.  Release was the only time I had done that and decided to try it worked just like I  remembered!

Another new one, Allure, is almost ready for signing!! More onthat one next!


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The Temptress and two paintings in the same palette will be showing at the Stanwood County Fair grounds this weekend for the 30th Annual Invitational Art Show for Education.  It will be in the Bonnie Cole Building at 6431 Pioneer Hwy, Stanwood, Washingotn.  The Patron's Party is October 14th from 6 until 9...they will have goodies and the cost is $20.   You can check out the art on Sat from 10 until 5 and on Sunday from 11 until 4. Each artist can have three paintings and a rack for prints and cards.......Ellinger always has lots of his glass available....Come on down ..have fun and support their scholarships!


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Embracing Mother Earth


Melinda and Helen embracing!
Art Show openings are always fun...more so when many of the people attending are friends.  Melinda is a gallery employee who has been a real supporter.  She is a hunter/gather type that shares her treasures!  She has given me wonderful glass pieces, puzzle bark, tiles...just great stuff that I have been incorporating into my art work.  Thank you Melinda for sharing and just for being such a giving person!

There are several pieces in this show that I would love to take home with me. They will all be on display until November 20th so get into Stanwood and take a look. just behind our heads.  One of my beetle terriums with the Ruscha glass beetle and the art glass over the top.  Quiet Haven is also in the show...her first time to be out and showing off!

This was my Happy Birthday celebration...ate too much next door at The Grill but the warm chocolate brownie smothered in ice cream, whip cream and more chocolate was delightful!!!


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Happy Birthday Helen! Thanks for coming to the Opening ... it was a great evening.
-- Gayle Picken, 10/8/11



Diane's Memories
Exposure at Laurie's and my web site helped to sell this little beauty!! I love to have people come to the Studio and look over all the paintings available before deciding.  We had tea..discussed the wall it would hang on...loved her idea that the wall can be painted to we're talking!  Lots of events coming up with many opportunities to see my work in person without coming by....  big paintigs are at Islanders thru November....Embracing Mother Earth at Gallery By the Bay starts next week...and then the AAUW show in the middle of October!!

I'm hoping to have a need to replace stock!! Got some cool new ideas!


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