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My art at Laurie's
It's that time of year....yes the daffs are up and all kinds of great plants are starting to sprout up...It's Spring! In the past this time of year brought  the nagging about all the paperwork that had been backing up for TAX Time!! And now with an art business as well as our personal taxes...a person could go into overload..Not me!! Why?  Because I have Alyson Stanfield for my art biz coach and so can you.  She wrote I'd Rather be in the Studio and it is a really great place to start if you are thinking you need some guidance in your art business. I keep going back to her book time and time again...she has point by point ways to do everything you need to do to be successful.  I've also taken one of her online classes..really super!!  Not only do Ihave all of 2010 organized and off to the tax man but Ihave Jan-Mar done as well!! Un&*^%^&^**real!!

I have written about her before but I have a feeling there are people out there not hanging on every blog I write and remembering it as well. So, I'm repeating myself!!  Go to my Links page and order yourself some of her materials. Remember I get a really big kick please order from my link page so I get the credit for telling you about how awesome she is!!


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I love seeing the visuals..all the paintings on that brown wall, the lighting making them glow. It is really a great way to display your very unique pieces!
-- Mary Saunders, 3/29/11

Thank you, Helen! I appreciate your kind words. It's always nice to know that the book and the classes are helpful.
-- Alyson Stanfield, 3/27/11

Partnering for Success!


Dolors at work
What fun!  Dolors Ruscha and I are working together to create a web site for her and some custom glass jewels for my paintings!!  It says a lot for the ease of creating a web site with Zhibit that I am the consulting web master!! A few of you will be shocked to know someone is depending on me to get their site up and running. But it is true...I'll have a link to her site when it is up and ready.  In the mean time she has created several glass pieces for me to fit in my new commission work.  I'm still designing three big paintings as I wait for the custom we're talking..the canvases are being built to order as well as the glass highlights!!

Dolors Ruscha has been making fused glass for years and I have been buying her really cool jewelry.  But, did you know she also makes sculptures and does home remodels?  You should see her bathroom...all mosaiced and out of this world crazy!

Come see us both on the north end during the Tour..Mother's Day weekend and the following weekend!!  Mark your calendars now!! Please!


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