Why Location 11?


You've marked your calendar and know that over the Mother's Day weekend you will be coming to Camano Island for the famous CAA Studio Tour. You have your brochure that shows you examples of all the art and were each is you need to make the plan...unless you are spending all five days there are decisions to be made!

So, Why Location 11?

#1 We've got some beautiful, unusual art work to show you!

Fine handcrafted wooden furniture made by Russ Riddle..the People's Choice of the 2009 & 2010 Harvest of Art Show. To see more go to:

Abstract mixed media paintings by Helen Saunders.  This year there is a much larger variety of smaller, more affordable paintings. Look in my abstract gallery for the most recent.

And..we will have one of the CAA's scholarship winners displaying with us!

#2 We're on the way to wherever you are going on the north end.  And..we've got an extra easy access..And lots of parking.

#3 Russ's Studio...There's lots to see in his studio if you are in to large machines, saws, big tools, and interesting stacking of unusal woods.  We will be having some demonstrations during the five day event. His huge garage is a working studio!

#4 The's worth stopping to see the view from the park next say nothing of the darling hen house my husband designed.. Russ and I are neighbors as well as Tour Partners!

And lastly..we're so excited to be a part of this great event that we will welcome you with smiling faces..even if its not sunny and warm.  Count on it!!


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Day 3...Creating the Flow


Molding paste flow


Here is the next step....making the cheesecloth and molding paste look like it is flowing across the canvas.  Another layer of white on white on white....I have had paintings that I just loved in the white phase and hated to add color.....maybe one day I'll just leave one white...with the colored yarns they really are cool.

I use a palette knife, toothpicks, an old brush, and my fingers to get this molding paste to do these weird things.  I have two kinds of cheesecloth that really add body as well.  I like the more organic look that is achieved with the addtion of the very loose weave cheesecloth.  Putting down the paste with just the palette knife leaves sharpe ridges.  Two more big canvases to go in this step.  It's raining....really raining so I'll have time to work inthe studio while my garden is growing.


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White on White


White on White
Day 2 found me busy painting white on white to get some cool texture down in the center of my "geode" like shape....had fun trying to find the space to lay them all out as they were drying.  Think I need a bigger table!

It was an exciting day!!! First time to put this type of texture under my golden bronzed is really going to look bold!

I did have to draw the design on first but didn't count that as a step was so could I photograph it?  I'm only counting what I take pictures the secrets in the sauce kind of things you're going to miss out on! 

Next I will spend some time creating the flow out of cheesecloth and molding will take days on these babies!!


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Life is.....


Three Big Blank Canvases
...a blank canvas. Every morning I wake up and get to decide how I will create my day.  As I get older the pressure is increasing to make each day brilliant!!

Now I have three....3...large blank canvases to fill.  How will I do that?  What decisions will I make that will turn those beautiful white rectangles into something a person will want to just sit and stare at? I've got a plan, but only time and lots of work will tell.  Today is day 1...can I have them done by the end of May?  I'll be posting blogs with my progress....I may leave out the awkward teenage phase...there always seems to be one.....don't know just how open I can be.  We'll see!

I also have the big Studio Tour coming up so have a few pieces to finish up as well.  There is always time while "stuff" dries.



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A must stop..on the way to....


You have to take North Camno Drive to get to the north end of the island and come to Location while on the way or on your way back a stop at Location 7, Accents in Glass, is a good idea.  I have just finished uploading images and getting Dolors's web site up and running.  She has absolutely lovely jewelry!!!

Have a look for yourself!!!  I will be wearing one of her pieces during the Tour.....she will have one of my paintings at her studio...the one with a piece of her glass in it!!

You have marked your calendar..right?


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On the Way to Location 11


Queen Bee sculpture
You've marked your calendar and you know you will be headed to Camano for the Studio to plan on your route and narrow down what you just have to see! 

 One of the really cool things you have a chance to participate in is the wonderful picnic lunch being offered by the Utsalady Ladies' Aid.  You have to drive right by on your way to the north end and Location 11.  This group of hard cooking volunteers raises money to maintain the historic building as well as giving scholarships to Stanwood seniors, the Food Bank and other good causes. These ladies start roasting those turkey breasts early and are known for their great cooking and wonderful trukey sandwiches!! Pick up your lunch and drive 1 mile up the hill to the Utsalady Point Park for an exceptional view of Mount Baker, the water, eagles......and..guess what ? You'll be at Location 11 as the park is just next door.  On Sunday the 15th they have their annual Pot Roast take you pick..the first weekend you can have a special turkey sandwich picnic lunch or wait for the next Sunday and have pot BOTH! Just come happy and well fed to Location 11!!!

The photo shows me with a piece of yard sculpture done by Debbi Rhodes......check her out as well as you continue down and around the island! Part of the fun is the drive and the views! Watch out for bikers on that second weekend!


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Artists in Action 2011


Helen an Artist in Action 2011
It was a day filled with handing out the lovely brochure and talking up the Studio Tour that is coming up next month.  Rhonda, our tour director, ran around bringing us special drinks and making sure we had everything we needed.  I did get some art work done but mostly I just visited with the customers walking by....heading to the roasted chickens behind us...they really smelled yummy! 

 It was surprising and warming to have several people say, "I know your work!"  or I"ve seen your work."   I have been at this for a couple of years now and I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I was. 

Mark your calendars... Studio Tour is May 6-8 and May 14 & 15!

  5 days to enjoy driving around the island and stopping in at the studios. we will be excited to see you and show you all the new work we have been working on.  Location 11... don't pass us by!


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