Working the center


Working the center
It's starting to come together!! Here you can see the extra texture(gesso)  has been brushed onto the central area.  Now to do some bronze washes over that and play with more gold and gold interferance paints.  The last splashes will be flick paint in all the colors.  This shot shows the bronzed down looking pretty coool!


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Yes, indeed. All good things come to those who wait :-)
-- Fiverr, 6/16/11

Seeds take flight....


Seeds take flight
My maple seed pods have turned themselves into birds and are flying off into the swirling center...  The other seeds are settled down into the bottom of the geode ..brushed wih a bit of bronze ...waiting.  I've worked every morning for the past five days as we have had cloudy misty mornings....but absolutely sunny wonderful afternoons.  Work has been done on the background as a bronze wash....what a difference just a thin bronze wash can make!!! I love my seeds!!!  Maybe a bit of glass beads to hold them in there. I've come up with the name as well..Ode to Spring.  Finding just the right name can be a problem but this one came quickly.....I like it!

  Ode to Spring is number 101 on my abstract mixed media inventory list.  I have been a productive little devil of an artist!!!


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Layering in the centers


Japanese Red Leaf Maple
Today I started adding goodies to the center or my geode like centers. After trying several different types of leaves I settled on the Japanese Red Leaf....leaves. Usually the honor goes to the ferns but they just didn't work this time. The soft gel is still setting as you can see some white opaque areas around the leaves.  I love these colors but realize they will slowly go to browns as they age under the gel and glass beads.  Glass beads go down tomorrow.  On the right side painting I used maple seed pods and various other seeds. My idea for a Spring geode is coming to life.  A shot of that may be coming soon. 


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love the leaves! they are gorgeous!
-- Mary Saunders, 5/27/11



Golden Flows
Here they are before the background. Silly me I forgot I hadn't posted this yet. Now you understand why I was hesitant....I love the look just like this.  It always happens so maybe I should start making white paintings with just this beautful golden flow design????

I always end up loving them but it can be hard to move on when you are happy with what you is like that!!! Life is like painting...don't get me started!


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Background going down


background in

After a few trials on matt board I decided to just go for it and start laying paint down on what is to me three huge canvases!!!  I'm loving the results.  The black yarns add a lot of interest and help the flow to go in the right might help to realize what I am thinking here.  A Spring earth geode surrounded by fertile, loamy  soil.  Lots of roots, bugs, worms....  You know..good soil.  Can you tell I've been in my garden??  Now the center will have new tender fresh leaves and ferns under glass beads..maybe some seed pods.  I think I have a piece of a robin's egg somewhere. The idea of Rebirth and Spring...and flowing gold currents of energy.

 I need to write it all up before it is done. It always helps to have it in words..the go with the visual. 


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-- Fiverr, 6/7/11

Thank you...thank you..


Our Gallery 2011
thank you!! What a wonderful group of people we had come to Location 11!! Through the misting rain, blowing rain, and the downpour...more than 1200 people came down the gravel drive to see our work.  We are very appreciative.....we enjoyed seeing and talking to all of lyou!

And..we had adoptions!!!  Eight of my paintings now have new homes; so, you will notice a shift  from the Abstract gallery to the Gone But Not Forgotten gallery. This means more money banked to go the Lima Sunrise Rotary Club in September.

Thank you again to all the people that came to see us....we hope to be there again next year with more unusual art for your homes!


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Simply love this article, after reading it i am your fan.
-- Make Money With Fiverr, 6/17/11

OMG! This is wonderful news! I like the feel of empty, something so satisfying for a gallery. Now we can see what will fill it up. Congratulations!!!!
-- Mary Saunders, 5/17/11

Studio Tour 2011


Tour 2011 adoption
Carol fell in love with two ..two of my paintings last week so set up a time last Thursday to come pick them up.  See, you don't have to wait until next year.  If you're in're in love and can call me anytime to arrange an adoption.  These two, Mysterious and Enticement, were shown in Boulder, Colorado for most of last year.  They will now hang in her home in Lake Stevens, WA.

Thank you made my day! AND..we have one more day of Studio Tour.....come see us at Location !!!


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The jewels.....have arrived!


Playing with the jewels
Dolors took time out of her very busy Tour schedule to finish up these lovely glass pieces for my three big paintings.  Here is a shot of me working with just how I was going to back them.  They have three layers of glass with special stringers she made and put between the layers of clear...they have bubbles as well!! I love bubbles!!   They are now in place.  Next, to paint the flows.....they will be very dramatic! Come back to see Sunday evening!

The Tour starts in 28 minutes....Come see us at Location 11..I saw the sun come out a few minutes ago!


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-- Fiverr, 6/24/11

First Flick


Big Three Flicked
It was a bit drippy today which made it perfect for working in the studio....and out..a few rain drops on the canvas shouldn't hurt.  This just makes way too much mess to be done indoors so I am out in the courtyard on the pave stones. Today was the day for the first paint to go down..first layer of flick paint in four colors with four different  brushes to get a variety of splats and splatters.  Most of these will be covered up but they are still there and do make a difference to the overall finished look. Now they must dry completely so they don't get mixed in with the next layer......bronze washes!! 


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Studio Tour Demo


Tour Demo 2011
The winter coat and scarf came off and the Harley overalls slipped on for the demonstration I promised if it warmed up enough.  See the sunlight hitting on the front of the table? It really was a fabulous day with eagles soaring and chasing overhead while hoards of people came ambling down the drive...all in a wonderful mood as the weather was marvelous! 

I had fun talking to people in my tent about my process....getting my hands all gooky with molding paste...recounting memories of 6th grade boys and their  "ways" with flick paint.  I love flick paint myself but have never been able to get into as deeply? as a 6th grade boy!

Hoping for more warmth and sun this coming weekend...and more lovely guests to entertain.


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