Treasure Hunt!!!


Ellinger glass ball
It's a treasure hunt and its coming to Stanwood Camano Feb 18-27 in the form of Glass Quest 2011.  Have you ever wanted to go on a great quest? Well, now is the time!  The treasure will be Mark Ellinger's beautiful glass balls....this is one of his glass balls in my garden...the Glass Quest balls will be signed, numbered and limited.....great for collectors!!!

I am taking part this year..the second year of the great quest....My art will be at Laurie's, as will I, to help with all the Questors that will be pouring into town to search for clue balls....find a clue ball and you win!! We will be hiding a clue ball each day of the quest so  TEN someones will be taking home treasure from Laurie's!! While the searching mobs are in and out of the store I am hoping to expose them to my art work so that when the Studio Tour gets under way they will have seen it once at least.....It is going to be great fun with treasure to be found all over town as well as in the parks around town and the island.

Mark it on your calendars!!! This is real treasure!!!


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Opening Night!!


Gayle and Helen with Introspection
It was a cold and snowy night but at Gallery By the Bay in Stanwood it was warm and cozy!!  Lots of very interesting art and people.  Here I am with Gayle, the owner of the gallery, and my piece, Introspection, in the background.  It was great to see some friends bringing in new people for me to meet and to view the art.  Thank you for coming and sharing the evening with me! The lower photo is me with Janet, a Whidbey Island artist, I just met.  Her painting is behind my shoulder and mine is behind hers.  It is great fun to vist with other artists and I did a lot of that last night!! 

The red dots were starting to go up!!  Love those red  SOLD dots!!!

Come by and see the show before the end of January!


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New! New! New!


Smith commission
New Year!  New Studio Space!! And...a New Commission!!!

2011 is off to a really great start with lots of news.  This month my work is hanging in 4 venues..the new one being the Pacific Northwest Abstract Show at Gallery by The Bay in Stanwood.  My new studio space is done!! All my canvases that have been stacked in the attic for years now have shelf space in the studio. Some are fresh canvases that never made it to the attic and were only stacked in the garage.  Another new...a source of hand built canvases (see new foundations). a two painting commission for my neighbors, Ed and Lynda Smith.  They are off to Yuma so I have until April to get them problema.

How exciting to have a mission!!  Besides those two I can now begin to build up some inventory for the Studio Tour in May. I am going to make several more of the small squares like the Blue Heart series..just have to find their hearts before I can get started.  Also have those great hand built canvases in some wonderful but smaller sizes!! I've got it all baby...lots of blank canvas, paint, time....and now a great new space that is so much better organized!!!  Will it make a difference?  My bet is that it will.  My expectations are high for some really cool stuff coming out of that really cool space!

Thank you John!!!  I am a very fortunate lady!!


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Art into Cash!!


Handing over the cash!
The gift bags that the 5th graders and high school students made last month were a great success at Laurie's Boutique during the holidays.  Many of her customers thought they were just the thing for their gift giving and donated money for all but three of them...earning $300 for the Stanwood Camano Food Bank.  Here Laurie and I are shown handing over the check to Jeanie Ovenell at the Food Bank.  She says they love cash as they can make a dollar go a long way! We were impressed with how well organized the food was and how many volunteers they have working to get it all done.

We enjoyed getting this project  to work...the students were fun to work with and the teachers involved were awesome as well.  We are planning to keep this going next year.  Perhaps add a few stores on either side and a couple more groups of students!!


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