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Mugs and coasters
Yes, I have discovered how to get my images on ordinary household objects and I am loving it!!!   It is an opportunity to have the image in front of you to remind you just how much you really want that painting.....and maybe later?...down the road you will.  It's my plan to entice you while you drink your favorite coffee or tea each morning. could work! John's favorite mug now is the one done from my printmaking work.  I'm using the Currents Within mug.....Here is the upside..for a fraction of the cost you can have a miniture painting or part of a painting that takes up no room on your walls. 

 I am just soooo excited to see if anyone else loves these as much as I do.

Let me know!! I love comments to my site as well as e-mails!


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Yes! I want one! how do I see my choices and order, please?
-- Mary Saunders, 5/2/12

Gathering Around the Table


Around the table
When they have had their final check...price tag, felt tabs, tapped wire, polished glass,,,,or whatever... the girls are allowed to join the group in the dining room.  The studio was overflowing and I needed space to THINK as well as I started checking the finishing touches and moving the paintings that were DONE to the dining room. Here they have a chance to discuss the upcoming big event....the old hands can give the newbies a few tips.  The credit card machine has arrived and is in the center of the discussions as well as the table.  Do we really need to eat between now and then?

There are several more in different stages of being done that will be joining the group in the next couple of on the look out for them to be added to the site.   Printmaking class is moving right along, and I will have some examples done and ready to show off during the Tour.

Having a blast.......please plan on coming by and bring a gaggle of art loving friends with you!

Mother's Day weekend and the following one as well! 


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Art Lives On Camano
Yet another way to get into the upcoming CAA STudio Tour in May. All you do is come up with a neat way to spell out "Art Lives", take a photo of it, and submit your entry to  There is a prize but mostly you get to advertise your business or tour location on the CAA website's blog.  Free advertising..can you beat it???

I created my sign using the things I use in my mixed media acrylic painitings..... a fern, yarn, glass, feathers, a stone, and some ripped paper....I spelled it out on a canvas I have started with just the background done so far....which allowed me to add in the metallic paint! My printmking one is yet to come but should also be very fun to create.


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Paper lithography


litho demo
It's magic...that's the only way to describe how you can take a laser photo copy and turn it into a colored design element. There are some steps involved and some chemicals but basically you just need patience, luck, and experience.  that I intend to get this week as I practice these steps.....and learn how to use just the right amount of gum arabic, water, ink, and setswell. I'll be posting my attempts to put Rum Tum's eyes on a wild and crazy self portrait. Always wanted cat eyes and now I can have them!

The ideas just keep's just incredible what you can do with this when added to the monotypes and dry point etching we have been doing. I just can't wait to see what I'll create next!!!!

Keep checking is going to get stranger and strangest!!


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Bodacious Brochures!!


Studio Tour brochures
They are ready to mail!! You will be seeing them in businesses all over the county and state in just days.  Check your mailbox!!! When you have it in hand check out your favorites to see if we are all in the same places.  I will be with Russ Riddle again at location 25...same location just a different number!!

Months and many hours have gone into making this brochure as helpful as we could possible think of and easy to use and understand.  I had several very hard working committee members meeting here to go over ideas, write copy, and then edit......boy is that a job!  Our graphic designer was awesome and really made this brochure special.

Gayle, our tour director, did an awesome job in getting sponsors and in selling adds. Check out our web site for more information and watch the videoes!

See you in May!! More to come here about the artists showing on the north end with me and other fun things to do besides enjoy the art!



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