Teazer & the yarn basket
This is my new assistant helping me pick the yarn that will go on the new box canvases.....a novel approach.  He loves playing in the yarn basket and I love untangling the mess.  So far the box lid is looking great.  I'll post a shot of it as soon as I get some yarn and some more color on it!


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Boxed paintings?


canvas boxes
What a great idea!  When I saw these boxes in the Blick catalog i just had to have I am working out how to wrap the flow around and over the lid in a flowing... graceful manner.  I plan to have three of these ready for the holiday show opening at the new Seagrass Gallery at the triangle on Camano Island.  What kind of a surprise should I put inside? 

 Teazer is helping me with the yarns.....and the beads. He loves rolling them all over my studio floor.

ART Walk tonight in downtown Stanwood.  I'm at Laurie's with new paintings and...printmaking.


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Just in Time!


Opulence and friends
Where has the summer gone?  I must admit I have been having a great time in my garden and hosting guests from afar....and not spending very much time in the studio.  But...I did get these three finished in time  for the Art Walk.  I promised Laurie I would have some new paintings for the event...and I do. 

 There will be at least 6 pieces that you have not seen before so mark your calendars and come on down.  John will be pouring the of his favorite pass times...and I'll be visitng with everyone.  My hope is to stay out of the dressing rooms and concentrate on the guests....but I have a hard time with that at Laurie's!


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Haystack Happiness


Quiet Haven
Seeing the envelope from the Haystack Gallery in the mail was awesome! It was a surprise and a very pleasant one.  I had just been wondering where this painting was......gathering paintings for the Art Walk at the end of the memory is going so there are times when I just don't remember whre all the girls are. Now I really don't know where she is, but I'm hoping she has found a happy home.

This has also brought to mind that I have not shared my cause for my 10% this year.  It is going to the Stanwood Camano Food Bank. There have been some good articles in the paper lately about the need at the local food banks.  I have decided to give to a local cause since I went international last year. Now, to sell a bunch more work!  Thanks to all of my buyers out there!  New work coming soon!


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