Skin Care Lounge in Stanwood


Jill at SCL
Jill Tate is the new massage therapist at the Skin Care Lounge in Stanwood...across from Bartells.  She is excited to have three of my cairn pieces on the walls in her work space.  Why the cairns?  She loves to hike, backpack, canoe, camp..lots of outdoors acrtivites where she has interacted with either building cairns herself or maintaining ones she has come across. Glad to be able to add to the flavor of that really cool space!

Many of my abstract pieces are there as well,  This is the first place that my printimaking has been on display.  The Hope series is there in the main salon.  Check them out!! Next week we will be putting up several peices in the new Skin Care Lounge in Arlington, Washington.


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Helen at Evcc
This is most one even ten years ago would have thought it possible that people would look to me to show them how to do anything on a computer.  Just goes to show how far computers have come. The computer teachers at my past thrree schools will be shocked as there were times they were called to help me when all I needed was to plug the thing in!

 My art lives at Zhibit ...because it is a template type web site.  They do it all!  All the client has to do is dump in the images and the words.  Okay you have to be able to find your images and at times I hide mine pretty good. have to write the just doens't appear.  But...they do just send out newsletter every month and they keep updating the site so now I can do so many more cool things than when I first signed link up to fb.

The class was convinced that they could do this, and I hope are now busy building their sites.  You know how I love those big kickbacks I get from my Zhibit and Art Biz.

Isn't growth beautiful?????


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The Haystacks


Arriving at the Haystack Gallery
We made it!! It takes about five hours to do the drive and it was rainy, misty, dreary most of the way. But when we arrived the sun came out and it was awesome.

My five paintings will be will be in the abstract area and just in time for the abstract show she is putting together. Did I mention that the Haystack Gallery is just across the street from Bill's Tavern...famous for their brewery and brews!!  Hope lots of people enjoy a few before heading across the street...

We stayed where we could see the the big haystack from our was very nice.  The bonus was the sandcastle building that was going on this weekend.  We just fell into a major event and it was wonderful!

Cannon Beach is full of great galleries and lots and lots of art.  My girls have landed in a really great place. We are both excited about being able to go back again and restock?? Always hopeful!!

Haystack Rock at low tide

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Wrapped up and ready to go!


Wrapped and Ready
A new gallery venue and it is in Oregon..on the coast....a really cool place!!  The Haystack Gallery in Cannon Beach and the web site is   Check it out!
This is the one really great thing that came out of the CAA Studio Tour. The owners of the gallery were up to look at the art on our tour and see if there were some artists they would like to represent.....and.. I am one they wanted!! YEA!  There are several Camano Island artists already represented there, and from what I am hearing, several more that will be joining me there this June.
It takes five hours to drive to the Oregon coast from here but it is a lovely drive and we are looking forward to it.  John has his heart set on a special brew from Bill's Brewry and I'm looking forward to Waves of Grain for bakery items. of life's great pleasures.  And then there is that awesome beach. 
 This is going to be a very fun gallery to restock!!  And that is just what I am planning....lots of sales and trips to restock!


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