Cairns and Fish


Balance 102
The big event is over and all the panels, wreaths, cards, photos, and "stuff" is put away.  The most wanted items this year had to do with the sea.  I sold several gyotaku fish prints, a canvas photo of the cairns we made while camping at Kalaloch, and a painting of those cairns. I also sold one of the framed under glass paintings I call my terraiums..Patches...and some mugs and tiles. I really thought the mugs would be a hit.  I surely enjoy drinking tea out of mine each morning.

Overall, we had about the same amount of customers coming by even though this year was sunny and warm and last year was cold, wet, and ...cold.  Who knows what controls all of this?  I do know that our brochure this year was awesome!!!

Sales weren't wonderful but.....I did get to meet a couple from the Haystack Gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon and....I'm taking some paintings down next week.  More on that coming up!!


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Yes, I LOVE the cairns, there is something so soothing about it..and it really draws the eye to keep looking. Make more of these,please!
-- Mary, 6/24/12

In process..


new background technique
I'm layering in some new background techniques with this little box's got several layers of gold and bronze, some drops of Azo nickel and black yarns before I painted on the scrolling..squirrelly like images in bronze.  On top will be some small glass pieces and more black's going to be different.  Printmaking making an impression and bringing change to my "regular" work.


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Little in size, big in impact


Dream Quest's feathers
It is not an easy thing to get these tiny feathers in place.....there are some under the glass piece and then some sticking up out of the molding paste flow.  These little guys only shine at certain angles so you have to have your head just right....I'm hoping that the light and the height I hang it will all come together so that most people will get the flash from these little jewels!! OHHHH and they are just the perfect color to accent that blue!! 

I am sorry the poor little guy hit the window but.....his feathers are still lighting up the world!

Come  to Location 25 and see them for yourselves!!  Mother's Day and the weekend after....plan it! Five full days to enjoy the island and the art!


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