Day 4...moving right along


Group shot
More and more of the students are ready for the papier mache strips.  We thought they would all be ready to go after day two...wrong.  These students have ideas!! They want to add details....they will not be rushed.  And..because there is not way they will be done before school is out for the holidays, it is no longer a rush anyway.  We wanted them to be done for Scholastic Art coming up in Jan...but don't think it will happen.

The next few weeks I need to work on my sample so I can help give hints about eyelids and lips.  We intend to use cloth mache...old bedsheets soaked in Elmer's glue. It will be fun as I have not worked with this for years!  updates will continue!


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Day 3..the fun continues


We took a break last week for the Thanksgiving holiday but now are back at it on Wednesday afternoons.  The group is getting smaller but I am hopeful the few that missed will come back and catch up. Today we did some sizing for eyeballs...and decided the smaller rubber balls were the best.  The dollar store will get some more business....they are a great place to go to find such things.

Interesting extras are starting to be added..big ears and horns...they were to think of a way to overlay a mythological beast with their self-portrait...these will not be boring!


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You ROCK, Helen!!!
-- Mary, 12/7/14

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