Outdoor Summer Studio


Kathy's fish print
This summer I  set up an art studio under our solar array and it has been so much fun sharing this space with my art buddies.  We have done gelli printing, fish painting as in painting wooden fish John made for us and then there was the stick painting and the making of the pot charmers for the potted plants.

Being out in the garden while we were working was great fun as we had the cats and the hens and all the other living things out there helping out.  The breeze played a part in some oops that had to be fixed but hey it was worth it.

Jennita and Gelli printing
Helen fish printing

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Printmaking....with a gelli plate


Gelli prints
What a fun way to make prints!  I am using the 6" by 6" Gelli plate and my usual stuff...yarn, metallic paints on black paper..and some new things like ginko leaves and money tree plant.  I really love using the natural leaves and plants as stencils.

Seveal of the prints I liked enough to frame...others have become collage material for my new Power Women series. Collage is even more fun when you create your own papers!!


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