150.....a nice round number


Crystal Grotto Deep Sea Blue
I knew Intrigue was a special painting and it turns out that indeed she is.  She is really the last of the grotto series to be finished but went into the inventory at 149 because this painting Crystal Grotto Deep Sea Blue was never entered or placed on the web site.  Oversight on my part....sometimes I get so excited that I have completed a project that I "forget" to follow through with all the organizational details...not my cup of tea, really.
The good news is that I don't care if the order is exactly right.  Now that all are accounted for and that the total is 150!!... there is reason to celebrate. Why?  I never  thought when I launched myself on this art pathway that I would get this far.  Mostly I never thought....why shouldn't I just keep going year after year? What else is there I enjoy doing that gives me this much pleasure?  Not a thing!! So, off we go to 200 and then 500... two new panels drying as I write.


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