Mary asked me several months ago if I wanted to work on her book project.  I was game but still a little worried as I am an abstract artist...and she wanted real life trees.  She agreed to stylized trees so we were good.  Had fun while in Maui working on what she liked and now have been working with Gail in  the High School's graphic arts classroom to get them just right.  We aren't there yet but we will be. I have a long way to go with photoshop but I'm learning.

Look forward to blogs about my published tree illustrations!! Books, CD covers...lots of opportunities coming up this year!! 


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new wooden panels


wooden panels
It is really wonderful to have a husband that enjoys making me whatever I need for my art work.  Can't imagine what it would be like to try and find someone to do this for me in the way he does.  Thank you Johnny!! The primed box is the first to have a river running through it!! I'm moving on to streams and rivers from the shallow pools. In the background you can see some of the really cool fabric I am now using to create texture.  Several of these pieces were made on a loom by my friend Kathy Dannerbeck.  Collaboration...what fun!! 
Intrigue is the first panel to be completed using the fabric. I love the texture!!


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Where have I been?


And...was sick !!!  However, I did find the strength to be inspired so more sea blues and golden sands will be coming down the pike.  Several were in process when I left so I was able to finish up four paintings in the past week and ship three off to the Haystack Gallery in Cannon Beach, Oregon. the best news is that John is out in the garage building me two new wooden boxes so I can create even more of my grotto Intrigue.


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