Day 2 of sculpture project


These students are a lot of fun to work with.  I can hardly wait to see what the finished pieces look will be interesting.  The NAHS meets each week after school so we will be using that time.  Stop in and watch them develop.

The shop made all the bases for us and John got the pointy nails ready so we could those heads attached to the necks. a few are able to start with the liquid starch to apply the first layer of newspaper strips.


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The project begins!


WE have been trying now for several weeks to get this project started but..first we needed the wooden bases and that took some time as the group kept growing.  At first we thought six students would be working but now we have 18??? that is a lot of wooden bases.  John made me two and the shop class was to make the rest.  

Step one was making the heads and here you can see the work going into a head shaped ball of newspaper wadded up and took 45 minutes.....the plan is to have them done by the holiday break in December.   I will be greatly surprised if that happens.

Next week we attach our heads to the bases....b esure to check back in and see that!!


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Getting ready!!!!


sign making
Here we are making new signs so all our customers can find Dolors's glass studio during our event, 'Tis the Season, coming up at the end of the month.   John is screwing the tabs to the new sign boards. We will have signs all over the north end of the island so you can just follow the arrows and come right to the door. It has been a major undertaking as all the boards had to be cut, primed, painted.....and then put together....we did get our men to help out!!!!

Dolors will have her usual sparkling glass jewelry as well as the awesome glass sculpture she fuses.

I will have my Powerwomen, gift boxes, paintings , and printmaking.

Jeanne will have photography...framed and ready to hang!!

Mark it down..Black Friday and that whole weekend 10 until 5 plus the following weekend!


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Off to Colorado!


The Mystics
These two paintings were painted to go together, and I am pleased to announced I have found them a new home in Longmont, Colorado.  They won't have to be separated!! YEA. 

 My very old friend??? from Casey Jr. High in Boulder has become a collector of mine..she now owns three of my paintings.  Web sites are so cool!!! I am excited to see them when she gets them up on her wall.

Hey out there..I too can have one of my originals!


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'Tis the Season


gift boxes
This is the third year I have teamed up with fellow artists to have a holiday sale.  We will be at Dolors Ruscha's glass studio here on the north end of Camano. More info to follow but here are some of the new gift boxes I am painting.  Found some interesting inks that are working well and all those cool paints I bought to do printmaking work on these canvas boxes as well.  Thinking these will have pearls and crystals along with the geodes and costume jewelry.

We will be sending out a Constant Contact email shortly, but if you like to plan way ahead the sale starts the day after Thanksgiving..Nov 28-30 and the first weekend in Dec, the 6& 7th.  Signs will be up all over the north end to help out find us!!


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The boxes are growing ever more beautiful! I bet they will be a big hit!
-- Mary Saunders, 11/8/14



Ads for Dusty Cellars
Every year this winery advertising in the CAA Studio Tour brochure.  They produce a special Mother's Day Blend and advertise it in our brochure using a local artist for the label.  This next tour, 2015, I will be that artist!! Haven't picked the painting yet that will go on the label but am excited.  One of my painting will be in their tasting room as well....what fun!! Another great way to get my art in front of people.

I also am excited because I am on the selling team to get all these advertisers lined up for our brochure.....and now one more is lined up!! Volunteer jobs can pay off!!!


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Way to go, Helen! I can't wait to see your very special label and taste the wine!
-- Mary Saunders, 11/3/14

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