A winner!


Purple Man
Andi Hillman, a senior at Stanwood High Schoo,l completed her project early so she could enter it in the Scholastic Art Show.  She has won a silver key with this entry.  I am so proud of her for finishing ...which meant she spent her holiday break on this project and for doing such a great job.  I am glad to know that what I though would be a great project for them has turned out to be just with great results!


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-- Marie-claire Dole, 2/8/15

Day 5 and beyond


Most of the students are now finished adding the paper mache strips and are onto the glue and cloth.  Second Chance had some great old sheets in their rag bag so the kids tore them into strips and dunked them into Elmer's glue and there you have it....the last layer before the paint.

I demoed the setting of the eyes...mine are not really perfect but hey..cloth eyelids and stuff.  We don't have as many students as we started with but one ambitious one finished up early and entered her head in the Scholastic Art Show and won a silver!! I will photo that one for the next blog.


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Feisty takes Shape


After the figure has been fleshed out with foil and tape you wrap it in cotton wrappers dipped in paverpol.  I am using bronze as I want her that deep dish color.  then you coat the whole thing in paverplast paste...twice.  She is now drying while I decide how to make her outfit look as though she is jumping....I am sure I can do it....yes, I am sure???

John is making a monkey...down to the toes so he is several steps behind me.


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Powerwomen sculptures


There is excitement in the studio as I try something I have never done before...using paverpol to create a weather proof sculpture so my gals can go into the garden. I saw a youtube video and decided I just had to try it.  John is a big help with making of the armatures....retired orthodontists just love to bend wire..
Dick Blick carires all the products so after waiting a week we are ready to boogie.  Tomorrow I will put the first layer of fabric with paverpol over this foil and tape version.  It will dry and then I put a layer of plaverplast..then more fabric.  I can make outfits just like I did with the collage...these will be bronze looking..
Check back in to see how they turn out.
Helping out at the high school and working with papier mache reminded me how much fun 3D work can be.


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