We're Done!!!!


Last November 16 students started out on this journey to create sculptures using Dan Reeder's Simple Screamer techniques.  I led the charge with supplies and snacks but we were delayed at almost every turn because of ??? scheduling?? Anyway, one student finished last year and that was noted in this Blog.  Now we have three more completed and they are awesome.  Monday we had pizza to celebrate and they worked on the final embellishments.  My friend, Kathy Dannerbeck, came to help with wire attachments.  There may be more photos later especially if they are entered in Scholastic Art and win!!


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New Powerwomen


This series I am using papers given to me by a friend who makes lovely one of a kind boxes.  These are some of her favorite papers  so I made a Powerwoman with them for her.  Made two just because....Joy is going to Carol but Jazz is staying with me.  I will make her a dancing partner for later shows.


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Microbeads and fish prints!!!


For years I have been doing gyotaku fish printing during the summer when I can get out in the yard and play without the smell of the fish taking over. I used to live for the perfect pure print...they are fara nd few between so I had a stack of less than perfect prints that I decide to play with.  I am adding microbeads and really loving the effects.  This is a close up of the beads around the eye of Bandit.  Shimmer was perfect except for color so i used the beads to add a shimmer of blue across her back....lovely.  Check out the new fish in the printmaking gallery.


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Cosmic Tide finds her spot!


Cosmic Tide and Greg
It was really fun to design this 20" by 60" painting to go at the end of a long hallway. I I had lots of time to gather all the materials.  l had to find enough of the amethyst  stones in the correct sizes, and Judy had some yarn she really liked and wanted incorporated...yes, I love to add yarn.
Spot lights were put in to show off her stones and to create that glow from the metallic paints.  It turned out very well....I am very pleased as are her new owners.


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