One thing leads to another????


Felted pins
Felting is great fun!  Having a reason like wanting a SeaHawks colored flower for my Uggs got me motivated...then in the middle of my soap and wool mess I had an inspiration...why not make seaweed like strands to go on my next mixed media painting????? Why not??? Yes, I can and... yes I see it on the left hand side of some of my competed pins...these are for hats, scarves...and my Uggs. It is easier to make these as they do not have to be completely hard felted...just enough to glue down on the canvas...I am now excited to get back to my paintings!!

It is very cool to continue to evolve and bring new ideas and materials into my work...I am getting older and in so many ways better...who would of thought???


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Sad Sack Finds a home


Sad Sack
Stanwood held it's Holiday Art Walk the last Friday of November and 9 of my fish prints were on display at Laurie' of my favorite shops!!!  Sad Sack is one of the largest prints I have and has been in "storage" for several years as I could not get a mat that fit" off the rack"...after going through my stack of stored fish prints I choose all the ones I really liked and took them to Arron Brothers and purchased mats where I could and had mats cut when needed .....needless to say it cost a lot more to have them custom cut...and especially if you are shown double and triple mats that really look great. Suffice it to say the big fish prints cost a lot more to finish out than the standard size and therefore had to cost more.  This is why I am so happy to have sold one..seems price is really not the problem when you see something you really like.  A lesson learned for me....  stop worrying about cost and put out there what I really think is good.


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Felting flowers


It is so much fun to learn something new, and if it happens with a bunch of friends it is even better.   My art buddies group came together this Fall to learn about felting from Kathy Dannerbeck.  It was a great afternoon and now I can do it on my own!  My yoga teacher asked if I could make them in Sea Hawk colors and it turns out that I can.  A new order of wool roving has just arrived so expect to se more in the upcoming weeks.
I am busy making pins to go on my hats and my Uggs.  Fun!


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