Sculpture project nearing completion


We are down to 6 or 7 artists that  are drawing near the finish line on this project.  School is coming to a close so I hope we do get at least a few more done.  Because they are not seniors there is still hope to have several of these done for the Scholastic Art Show next fall....I knew going in it would take a lot of time but when you are only working for an hour after school and then other important things come up that take the Wednesday afternoon...things get pushed back.  There are a  few left who are determined to finish and have their celebration party.  Food is a great motivator!


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New collages for this weekend


I was very excited to have my collages make their show debut last weekend for the CAA Studio Tour.  Three went as a team, and I am so pleased to have them hanging together.   It was fortunate that I had started two more before the Tour started and so was able to complete them this week.  Creating fun and crazy outfits for them is always fun for me.  I use papers that I make by printing them with the Gelli plate or dying them with inks. 
There will be three at location 23 this weekend. come on by and meet Fancy and Funky...they will be dancing with Frisky.


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Art of Giving


Heifer has a program going to help people in Arkansas and Appalachia fight hunger by learning how to best use the land resources available to them.  They launched the Grass Roots Farmer;s Cooperative in 2014 and have written a very nice article for their Worldmark magazine that tells how it is going.  I have pledged 10% of my art sales this year to this project....under Seeds of Change.  Last weekend I had very good sales so am sending in a nice donation next Monday when I know my totals.....great to know my creative talent is going forth to help farmers!!!! 

Check out Heifer's mission to help the hungry in this country as well as around the world. 


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Yahooo! an almost empty wall!


The CAA Studio Tour that is held each year over the Mother's Day weekend here on Camano Island was a booming success for our location #23.  These panels had 5 Powerwomen collages to start the tour and now I have one.....Two of my larger paintings that have been looking for homes also sold...6 big pieces means success! So glad to  see that others really like my Powerwomen I get to make more!  Hoping to have two completed by next weekend....they were started now just need outfits!

The shadowbox canvases were also a hit..Stormy hasn't even been catalogued and put on the web site yet and she has a new home!!!

 Russ sold two great pieces of his work as well. Just looking at his fine woodworking is a treat. lCome by next weekend......we are having fun!


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