Haystack Gallery..Cannon Beach, Oregon ..Reopens!!!


Currents Within
Currents Within has been in Oregon at the Haystack Gallery for several years now...I am hoping that the reopening of the gallery will get some new people in  to see it.  It is a great painting for a home overlooking the ocean.

I am so excited that the Haystack has reopened..there was a time they were thinking of calling it quits......but we need...want.... galleries like this to show off our work.  I will be sending new work as soon as the Studio Tour on Camano Island is over and I see what I have....plans are to keep working so new work will reach Oregon by summer.


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Sculpture class continues


It  seems that the universe has been against us getting this project done..we have had all the holidays plus a teacher has been hard to find a Wednesday we could meet. But today was the day, and we moved ahead!  I am promising  them pizza when they finish ..if that doesn't get it done, I am hat a loss as to what will.  They already know that the one that did finish won an award!! 
What more is there??? Oh..the great fun of doing 3d!!


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New Cards and Prints


Prints of my two favorite Powerwomen collages along with several of my other favorite paintings that have sold will be available during the StudioTour.  I also have a new card style this year...they really look awesome! I will have the most of Release as that is the painting on the wine label and advertising Dusty Cellars Winery in the brochure. I will also have the Temptress as she is the painting advertising my location...#23..north end of Camano Island...just follow the signs!


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I can't come on the how can I get some of these cards, please? I want Power women to send to friends...
-- Mary Saunders, 5/8/15

Release on a new release


My first wine label
It was so exciting to see my art on the Mother's Day Blend from Dusty Cellars Winery. I have been trying to get this deal for several years and this year..the year of color for ads in the CAA brochure is the year I was chosen!!  I love it! And..I have a whole case to look at and drool over.  I intend to set up a display at my location..#23 and talk up the wine tasting they will be doing during our Tour!

Be sure to plan to spend a little time tasting during the heat of the day during your Tour this year.  It is coming up///make your plans!!


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Cold Wax anyone?


                                                                                                                                  Playing with encaustics a few years ago I saw how neat wax can be and also how messy and when cold wax was offered as an alternative... I was interested!!!  You just mix in a dab of oil paint and slater it on your paper or canvas with a palette knife...the blues in both of these examples are oil with wax.  It takes some time to dry but is also good plain for sticking down a thin layer of paper or yarn.  I will have to continue to play around to see how I will use it in my paintings.


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This painting was started before I left for my class in Tucson.  I wanted to wait to see what I might learn that I could use to make it more interesting.  I found the idea of the underpainting with pencil marks and ink very useful.  If you zoom in on the cross line from right to left you can see these marks.  I especially like this look with the cheesecloth threads...makes those fine lines look more random and cool... the flow with molding paste is also very different from earlier paintings as it has geometric shapes of cloth embedded in it along with the cheesecloth and yarn. It is still very much me but still different than before.

The piece of jasper I bought while at the Gem Show in Tucson in February....Tucson has had an influence on my art this winter!!


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Class in Tucson!


Me and a mess
A class in Tucson in March....yes, a very good idea.  The cactus was blooming and the weather was wonderful.  Plus I was with two great artists and friends. We learned all kinds of new techniques and several I have employed in my new painting, Choice. The photo is me and my golden hands as the paint opened during flight so I was trying to rescue my precious metallic gold...I used the paper towels used to wipe out the bag and turned them into twirly ropy things to attach to later paintings...another thing Sherill showed us. Now, it won;t be just yarn I used to make those three d lines.

the next painting will have even more new for my work any way.


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Mother's Day Blend!!!!


This is one of my original abstract paintings done in 2007 and sold to an art dealer in Austria.  I picked it for the wine label because of the deep greens that I am hoping will tie in with the bottle color and look awesome!  So far it is in the CAA brochure advertising Dusty Cellars....the colors not as rich as the original but it looks great!  I am so lucky that this year the ads are in color!  I can hardly wait to try the wine!!


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