High School Wire Sculpture


These students are really talented and motivated.  They worked hard on their own time after school to create these awesome sculptures.  Once they got started with the tools they needed and the materials there really was little for me to do...Kathy is the wire expert so she was able to help them more than I.
Hope to see at least one entered in the Scholastic Art Show....more on that is it happens.


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Off to Coupeville for an art class!


There was so much information to gather that I lost track, but I really had a wonderful time and learned so much about so many things.  Now to put it into practice!!

Sandra Duran Wilson was our teacher and she did an amazing job or keeping us busy and working the whole time.  Dinners with the group were also a hit.  The weather was beastly, and they kept predicting horrible storms that almost materialized.  I finished two pieces and brought several home to work has taken some time.


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