Flick paint....the energizer!!!


lined up ..waiting
Four of my paintings in process are out under the trees..with the sun shining....waiting the flick paint phase.  These splatters caught between layers of paint give depth and interest to the abstract work.  

I first discovered how much fun flicking paint about could be while teaching sixth graders.  Those 6th grade boys know how to let loose and let it fly...they loved coming to class and making messes. And..they taught me to have fun with it.....yes, I do need a little control on my work is the flicking fun energy that keeps me coming back for more.


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Sad Sack goes home!


Great to find out that investing money in mats and frames can pay off...yes, he does look great with the custom mat and frame and yes, someone did buy him!  Sad Sack is on his way to a new home, and iIam pleased to know that big does sell!!!  Every summer I have fun making these fish prints...I have a school ready for the Studio Tour in May...all framed and ready to go!  I am now adding elements to enhance the prints which I did not used to sure to come by location 18 and take a look!


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Prints of Prints??


Several of my Power Woman were sold before they were scanned by the pro...but these girls are getting the whole work up.  They will be scanned and printed on watercolor paper using a very fine printer and thus become Giclee prints. This allows for a change in size as well.  The originals are 14"by 11" framed out to 26" by 20"....the new Giclee prints will fit in an 8" by 10" mat to be framed to 14" by 11". They will also be very affordable.....and available for the the upcoming Studio Tour in May.


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