Incorporating the new techniques


Desert Twilight
One of the big changes is that I am using more panels instead of canvases.  I love the way you can build up paint and mediums on the panels.  We experimented with all the "bords" but I have been using Gessobord the most.  Claybord is great and I did one 12 by 24" on that type... Grotto was started in the class and finally finished up in my studio.  Another technique that is showing up on building the background is the alcohol drops ...and using alcohol to rub off part of the dry acrylic to help create contrast. I am also working on smaller pieces and have several going at a time. Here are some closeups  of the textures....I am loving the textures!!


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And more collage......


Dancing Pears
The last two years have seen me more and more interested in collage.  My first collage work consisted of the Powerwomen series.  Then I worked on some pears for the last Mother's Day tour.  I have recently done a few more pears because I just love the shape.  Last summer I worked with some of my art friends and we all did crabs.  It seems I really like this shape as well.  Mine turned out funky and much more abstract then some of the others but hey, that's me.  I especially love the one where I used the paper I had printed and added yarns to..Miz Madras.

Miz Madras

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Adventuring I will go!!


In February I am headed to Vietnam to explore the wonderful craft villages of the north.  We will be there to see the wonderful silk weaving and rattan weaving along with the silver and gold jewelry and leaf spreading.  I will explain what that is when I know.  We will also visit the village known for mother or pearl inlay and the one known for lacquer furniture.  There seems to be a village devoted to almost everything.....corn wine anyone? Gem stones?  I want to see those orange pearls! I am hoping to find some very interesting materials to include in my mixed media pieces.  And..inspiration....I will find that for sure!
Photos to follow......
This is my trip on the great wooden boat on the Mekong! It was just the two of us with lounge chairs, fresh search of the floating market!

Also.....we will be eating....and my plan is to learn all about Vietnamese cooking.  I have already ordered a cookbook. My friend Kathy tells me the food is wonderful and I believe her.  Maybe food collages??? Who knows??


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