Finding the right stone..or paint


Dream Walker and Mystical both have interesting stones in their metallic flows.  In Dream Walker, I had the blue paint down and the color scheme set before finding the bornite hidden away in a small bag in the back of my treasure drawer.  It was perfect.  I have no memory of ever buying that stone but was thrilled to find it and see that it was the exact color I needed for this painting.  It really is not a mystery why I would have a gorgeous blue rock hidden away as I buy all the great blue and green ones when i see them.  Mystical has the fossilized ammonite that just glows with blue, green, pinks, and a deep rose in just the right light.  I saw it and had to have it.  It was set to go into the Mystical flow before I found the paint.  In these two I have changed my blues a bit as I thought I might be getting into a rut with that tropical looking blue took several days for me to remember that awesome interference green I had used on an earlier painting...remembering what happens when it flows over dark blue....oooh..ahhhhh...very nice. 

I can only hope that the next big painting with the huge hunk of deep green will turn out as nicely. 

Come see them in person during the Tour over the Mother's Day weekend! Location 22!


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Photographing the art!


Photographing my art for the website has always been a problem.  I use metallic paints and the reflections of this can cause issues.  The other night at the CAA meeting we had a demo by a pro on how to photograph our work.  I learned a few things and was reminded of a few I know but don't always like me.  One of his hints..scan two d art...well..what if you have yarn hanging on it, and it can not be fed into a large bed scanner?  That is the case with the Dancing Pears shown here.  I have taken several  shots of this but the background always turns out white when it is really a soft cream.  Yes, it matter. 

that is exactly why you have to come to the Studio tour and see it in much better than a photo ..I promise.  Location 22....mark your calendar and set up your route...You want to do the north will be so happy if you do!!


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They are Here!!!


Love them!! This is just awesome.  Some of my favorites, many of them that have sold out, are now available in the form of a ceramic tile or coaster.  The fish prints have always been a favorite but not everyone has room to hang a big painting...the tiles are 8" by 10" and have a backing that allows you to hang them or put them out on a desk or counter.  The coasters have a great cork backing...and are just sweet!

It is just great to have them available for sale at the Studio Tour.  This is a wonderful event on our little of the biggest of the year.  Happens every year on Mother's Day weekend and also the following weekend ...sooo..mark your calendars...get your brochure and plan on heading to location 22 on the north end.  There will be four artists there with watercolor, pottery, jewelry...and collage and acrylic abstract painingts...Okay.. fish prints as well!  It will be  a great stop with loads of very nice things to gawk at and to buy!!!


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Process..learning to love it


While visiting the craft villages of Vietnam I was able to experience the creativity, talent, and patience of these artisans.  It was very obvious that they pay attention to detail and process.  And.... are willing to spend a great deal of time.  It made me reflect on my journey to loving process.

When I was younger, an idea would come and I would wan it to be finished right away.  It was hurry up and get it done. I was not enjoying the process.  It has taken years for that to develop.  My new collages shown here demonstrate my current love for the process.

Feisty, the first of my PowerWomen series, started out as a line drawing in 2000.  I worked up several drawings with the idea that they would embody the warrior woman that is strong, confident, and exudes joy!  All were posed dancing and had awesome headdresses and funky feet and hands.  They ended up in a box and were not discovered again until 2014 when I needed an idea for collage.  These were perfect.  I had a pile of papers I had printed, stamped, and painted waiting to be used for something.  I had a line drawing that was just waiting to be turned into something special.  I put the two together and came up with a collaged version of my PowerWomen.  It took years of bubbling around in my brain for this to happen.  I loved the result.   

Mz Madras is just a crab, but when you live on an island where crabbing is the highlight of our summers, crabs become special.  She is collaged using paper I painted, stamped, printed all over, and then glued some yarn on as well.  It was a background...a colorful one.  It worked great as collage material.  

Actually gluing down the papers does not take all that long but making them, and getting the design just right...does.  It is that process I am really enjoying.


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New products for the Studio Tour!


These will be available as tiles or coasters on the Studio Tour in May.  This is the first time  I am offering my work in this format and am excited to do so.  The fish print called Breathe is possibly the best fish print I have ever pulled, but it sold years ago.  Now I can still offer him up but in a new and different way.  The red and green print was done using lunaria plant pods and will make a dynamite coaster for summer. The Venus collage is my favorite of the Venus series but..alas it is gone.  Only to return again as a 8" by 10" tile with enhanced color.

It will be great to see some of my favorites on the tour again!

Posters and brochures will be going out soon...look for them and plan your Camano Island Art Studio Tour!


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New floater frames!


Taking that class in Coupeville, WA  last October has really brought some changes to my work..including the way I present the finished product.  These new floater frames were discovered there as teacher uses them.  The panels just pop right in to the recessed frame giving a real cool look.  The larger panels have a deeper 2 1/12 inch frame ..the one showing is a 9" by 12" and it is 1 1/2 " deep.   No glass is needed which is great when you have metal or stones sticking up off your I do. 

 I will have 6 to 8 of these new panels in floating frames for the Tour in May. Mark your calendars...Camano Island Studio Tour is just next month!!!


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