How to use what I found??


The most obvious way to use what I saw in Vietnam in my abstract pieces would be to use laser transfers of photographs I took while traveling around the country.  The first is a photo of a photo of the buddha...with me reflecting in the glass.  This would or could be very subtle if done in a laser transfer.  the other two photos are of silk worm casings.  I have the actual casing I could add into the mixed media pieces with a laser transfer as well.

The second way I plan to use what I found is to incorporate some of the gold and silver leaf I watched them make outside Ho Chi Minh City.  I am going to experiment with translucent paint over the silver leaf and then cover in a clear gel. 

The pictures of food I took are pretty cool; so, I want to do something with them..collages made from food photos?? Chocolate labels.  Did you know Vietnam produces chocolate? some labels and enjoyed the chocolate.

So far that is it, but I am still in my foggy jet lagged brain so hopefully, new ideas will come to mind as I work.


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Watching the mother of pearl inlay process


What our guide has been calling a village is really a neighborhood of like minded families all making the same type of product.  They started out as separate villages but have been engulfed by the growing city.  This family of inlay workers is about an hour  outside of Ha Noi.  The first photo is  showing him laying out the shell on the pattern.  Then you see him cutting the intricate pieces with his very sophisticated ?? handsaw.  The cut out design on the wood.  I did not see that happen.  Then the finished piece.  Missed a few steps as this family does not have the whole process laid out on a board like the lacquer shop did.  It is a bit raised from the wood surface but very smooth.


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