Visiting the Paper Farm


Carol makes very cool boxes from the book boards up and out.  She designs and builds the box and then decorates with the most lovely papers imaginable.  She has been collecting papers for some time so she has a very big stash.  Many of which she no longer wishes to use on other we score big time on collage papers!! These are Italian and Japanese papers that are very pricey when purchased in the whole sheet....she gives us a slice for free!! Yippee!!!  It is wonderful to have creative talented people as friends who are also giving and love to share.

We spend several hours other house looking at papers and the books she makes and then off to lunch.  Lunch is always included in an art road trip! Awesome lunch at the Train Wreck in Burlington.

The rest of the photos show the papers and us with our big stashes...and smiles.  Thank you so much Carol for creating a paper farm..we think they really do breed in the dead of the night.


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Art Buddy Days Begin!


Our first project of the summer was collage.  This year we are giving jellyfish a go.  Found some wonderful reference photos and put my yarns to work.  This is a subject where my big box of yarns can really get some use.  Love the black background and of course the metallic in the yarns.  The body was made with the papers we made last year using shaving cream to marble it. this guy would look cool on a card..don't see him as a done deal.


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