ATC..Artist Trading Cards


My art group had decided to do an ATC project. Each month one of us creates 5 trading cards and sends them out to the other members.  At the end of the year we will get together and make a book with all of them in it.  It is so interesting to see how each personality is reflected in the ATC.  The first one was done by a calligrapher ....pretty obvious with that awesome writing.  I always keep the envelop she sends me as seeing my name so elegantly written is just awesome!!


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Collage Day


It was just the right day to spend inside working on a new collage piece.  Owls have captured my interest of late and baby owls in particular.  They are pretty darn cute. After looking through hundreds of reference photos I chose this little guy and then had a blast looking through more hundreds of paper scraps to come up  with this combination.  It just worked...which is not always the way for me.  Happy when it does though!


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Adding collage elements !


Love these canvases that give me the opportunity to have levels on one painting...the inserts are being collaged with the manipulated papers.  The inks has smeared just leaving an eye or a soft face.  In these paintings I am not making the molding paste flow but a thinner cheesecloth "drape" that runs through the painting. Thinking I may like this look even better....can't wait to see what happens next!


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