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It is always fun to see my work going up in Laurie's.  Sue always puts a lot of thought in placement to show off both the art and the clothes.  I am thrilled to be able to display my work during the Studio Tour this May as I know there will be lots of art lovers prowling Stanwood and the island looking for just the right piece to go in their homes.
Laurie's is just across the street from the Guilded Gallery so drop in while in will be glad you did!


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Pop Up Cards!


This year three of us are making pop up cards to exchange .  It is a challenge for me as I do not do measuring...exactly...over and over again well.  Card making is detail oriented and I am not. However, I am good at breaking rules and according to my Paper Farm guru pop ups do not have words....mine do...sometimes. 
My goal is to use a different mechanism on each card...gradually getting harder and more sophisticated.  This is my second  shot at it, and I liked the results of the frame and the background daff fields.  I used catalogs from the Tulip Festival.....waiting for the right words to hit me before signing and sending off.


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