Box making


Working with paper to create cards and boxes is relatively new to me.  Carol has been giving instruction now for a few years, but this is our first box.  Boxes are her specialty and she is a great instructor. 
There are some shots with the pieces laid out and attached to the artist tyvek and then when covered held with rubber bands to cure. The last are more finished shots showing off the cool paper and that awesome glass button that I got from Kathy...the button Queen among other notable titles.


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Photo transfers


 Vogue magazines have very artsy high contrast ads that worked well for this project. I tore out several and went to work. The example shows what it looks like with just the thin layer of paint covering the image, the first print on a very cool old piece of music, and the last ghost print on a light paper.  I ended up with several that I really liked but..what to do with them?  One snowy day while trapped in my studio I tore them up and made a collage using them.  Note.worthy....a 14" by 11' inch collage on watercolor paper using Gelli printed images.


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Pop up cards


There are three of the Camano Art Buddies that are experimenting with pop up cards this year.  Working with different papers to create a 3" by 3" card to send to each other.  It takes some planning to get it all to work but so first one..turned out great.


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