Hi Helen, I so enjoyed meeting you at the gallery next door this last weekend. The show was really top notch and I am so happy with the pieces I purchased from each of you. I love your boxes and have them where I can enjoy looking at them until I decide what special person shall have them as a gift...perhaps a gift containing a gift. I have truly enjoyed spending some time looking at your website...I'm impressed. See you at the Christmas show. Jeanne Wolfington
-- Jeanne Wolfington, 11/27/12

Helen, this is a great communication tool. A wonderful display of your talent and work product. I also love your write-up and photos of the chocolate tasting adventure. You are doing a very impressive job!
-- Carolyn Sanden, 11/15/12

wonderful, prolific works Helen! Love the imaginative quality in your compositions ... I feel that I can swim and relax to explore in my mind, inspired by your art. Thank you for sharing.
-- Antonia Guerra, 5/28/12

Helen: It was sooo nice to run into you at the store. I have fond memories of your time at S.M.S. I loved looking through all of the various art work. It is truly sensational! Good luck to you in your love of Art.
-- George Zeigen, 4/18/12

I love your sister work. Glad you and John are well and active. Come to Ohio sometime. Bill
-- Bill White, 8/29/11

Helen, this is wonderful work! Very creative and unique. A true expression of one-self.
-- Rosanna Carlini, 8/23/11

WOW! i love your art! I do the same kind of art but people around me are very negative and make me feel like i would not sell it but after seeing your art has given me hope :)
-- Charmayne Howroyd, 6/9/11

Looking forward to seeing your latest artwork. Loving my paintings!!
-- Carol Viens, 5/12/11

My guests love your artwork as evidenced by all of their lovely comments on the 3 pieces I have showcased in my vacation rental! My friend Pamela is coming next weekend to the Show - just to see your art and hopefully buy!
-- Kim Dueringer, 5/8/11

Very exciting
-- Scott Thomas, 5/1/11

Just admiring your artwork. Tell John I said Hi.
-- Jim Felli, 4/18/11

Hi Helen, It has been a real inspiration watching you create! Robyn Swesey
-- Robyn Swesey, 8/27/10

hi helen,looking at your work and i love the red vase and the cascading bridge.i love bridges.
-- Letha Marr Saltzman, 8/7/10

Hi Helen, It was a pleasure to visit w/you yesterday. I don't know much about abstract art, but your work really put me in a trance! Had a difficult time snapping out of it, you must be really good! Thanks again, I love your art work!
-- Rick (Steak Guy), 8/7/10

Helen, Thank you for looking at my work, your wonderful comments and for sharing the love of texture with the world. Happy "making".
-- Aspire, 2/1/10

TINNETTE HEMMONSCongrats on your sale...Your abstracts are wonderful and I love the textures. Beautiful work!!!

These are wonderful, Helen! New ideas just keep coming, it seems. The detail photos help me appreciate your intricate work. The wall-mounted photos also give me a better idea of its total look.
-- Kathleen Saunders, 7/29/09

Helen, What absolutely gorgeous pieces of art. I hope Pam is also able to view these. Have fun in the Bay area. Sounds like a great trip. b
-- Bernice Rohlich, 7/29/09

Your website is fun and interesting. Hope we can see some of the art in person. maria and jay (down the hill)
-- Maria Ackley, 7/15/09

So excited for you about the recent painting you sold in San Francisco & so quickly!
-- Kayla L. White, 6/17/09

Helen, As you know, I think your work is fabulous. So, I am not surprised that your work is moving beyond Washington. It's great to know that the audience for your wonderful talent is growing!
-- Virginia Collina, 5/28/09

I think your work is beautiful. I too paint and make floorcloths. You would love working in Encaustics. Good luck on your journey.
-- Jenny Learner, 5/3/09

I'm studying the paintings trying to decide which one I want to purchase. They are all great! Of course, when I see (sold) by one - that's the one I want! I wish you could put your work in a gallery in Denison. It would really stand out from the rest.
-- Jennita, 4/13/09

Hi Helen! Gina invited me to come explore your artistic ventures, and I have been fascinated here and on the pages of the eye clinic for over an hour. I want to get up close and personal with your many mediums of expression! Thank you for sharing so much! I look forward to coming back for more...
-- Tracy Hughes, 3/13/09

I love your work! Whether it is your abstractracts, Gyotaku or Phortography, there is so much freedom in your work! I am still bummed out at missing out at the auction at the Arlington Arts Council fundraiser.
-- Cirgini Collins, 10/29/08

great website Helen! It looks good and it even loads quickly on my slo-mo dial up. I'll be back Ford G
-- Ford Giesbrecht, 9/28/08

Hi Sister! Congratulataions on creating your new life as an artist! Best of luck with this new adventure! Kathleen
-- Kathleen Saunders, 9/22/08

Sooooo excited for you about the gallery show! WOW... and with Tranquility, the piece I told you I loved so much! All the best...
-- Kayla White, 9/14/08

Hi Helen, WOW! I love your website and your artwork is creative and inspiring! I wish you the best and hope to see your work in person soon! Julie Giesbrecht 9/14/08
-- Julie Giesbrecht, 9/14/08

Really nice!! Looks like you've been a busy girl. I will see them in person when I get a chance. Shary
-- Shary Richards, 9/2/08

Wonderful! What a talent you are! I'm proud to know you and to have seen your work "in person"! Shary
-- Shary Richards, 8/10/08

hi helen, it was good to see you again after a few years. and great to see you jumping both feet into the art world. plenty of room in the pool....
-- Jack Archibald, 7/25/08

Marie-Claire DoleDear Helen, great webpage and creativity ! Marie-Claire Dole
-- Marie-Claire Dole, 7/14/08

Wow, I'm impressed. I hope you can show your work out here in Maine soon. It would be great to see you two again but also I'd love to see some of your art up close. Regards and keep on enriching the world with your art. Paul & Kathy
-- Paul Hansen, 7/4/08

This artwork is beautiful. It portrays the spirit which makes you such a wonderful and loving person. I’m inspired by you.
-- Jennita, 6/17/08

Helen's Originals showcases abstract acrylic mixed media, printmaking with monotypes, dry point and gyotaku, figurative collage, and informative blog entries. 

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