Abstract Paintings Abstract Paintings (52 items)
The paintings in this gallery are acrylic mixed media and most are done on 3" deep canvases. This allows me to have the designs flow over the edges ..this gives me five sides to paint and offers the viewer many different angles from which to observe the painting. Ferns, yarns, jewelry, and stones are layered in with acrylic mediums to create interesting textures. At times I make a laser tranfer of one of my photographs and layer that in as well.

Collage Collage (34 items)
This gallery has all the collages that I started the summer of 2014. I am using the papers I have printed on the Gelli plate to create the outfits for the Power Women. The design for the women was done years ago and at one time I had fake tattoos of them.  This is the first time they have been done up into a completed art piece.
The Venus series is done using various papers with the female figure modeled after the Venus sculptures found by archeologists...I added my arms and lost the huge breasts...but the hips are can tell it is a take off from the old ones. They celebrate the sacred feminine and the moon.

Then I got interested in baby owls..roosters...and have raccoons lined up next. I like whimsical...what can I say?

Printmaking Printmaking (14 items)
Monotypes, dry point etchings and gyotaku fish prints can be found in this gallery.
Monotypes are one of a kind prints done on a plexiglas plate with printing inks, a plate, special printmaking papers, and a press.  Layers are added with different colors, masks, stencils, and paintings.
Dry point, intaglio prints, are made with a plexiglass plate that has been "etched" with an etching needle, inked, wiped, and printed with a press. These plates can make up to 4 or 5 nice prints before they start looking flat and lifeless.
The fish prints are done using real fish on traditional papers and non traditional papers. The chops used are my name, success, and happiness.

Commissions Commissions (9 items)
This gallery holds the images of the commissions I have completed.

Gone But not Forgotten Gone But not Forgotten (139 items)
Works in this gallery have been sold.  Keeping photos of them on my web site allows viewers to see a variety of completed work.  If there is one you really love, I can make one that is similar.....a reproduction is not possible even if I wanted to create it.

Helen's Originals showcases abstract acrylic mixed media, printmaking with monotypes, dry point and gyotaku, figurative collage, and informative blog entries. 

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