This is my first experiment with a new way of adding cheese cloth to molding paste.....reminds me of a net thrown out into space to gather..... galactic jewels???  The glass piece in this one was purchased while I was in Sacramento several years ago.  It was done by Joella Johnson to be put in jewelry. While adding the bronze to the cloth I got this really cool green color that reminded me of the color in that glass I searched through all my boxes of goodies until I found it. I collect all kinds of pretties waiting for just the right painting!

This painting is on one of the new canvases and is 20" by 10" by 2"..she will making her debut at The CAA Studio Tour..staring May 6th! Location 11!

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Yummy! Love it!!!!!
-- Beth Boehmer Dickson, 5/17/11

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