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Hi Helen, I so enjoyed meeting you at the gallery next door this last weekend. The show was really top notch and I am so happy with the pieces I purchased from each of you. I love your boxes and have them where I can enjoy looking at them until I decide what special person shall have them as a gift...perhaps a gift containing a gift. I have truly enjoyed spending some time looking at your website...I'm impressed. See you at the Christmas show. Jeanne Wolfington
-- Jeanne Wolfington, 11/27/12

Helen, this is a great communication tool. A wonderful display of your talent and work product. I also love your write-up and photos of the chocolate tasting adventure. You are doing a very impressive job!
-- Carolyn Sanden, 11/15/12

wonderful, prolific works Helen! Love the imaginative quality in your compositions ... I feel that I can swim and relax to explore in my mind, inspired by your art. Thank you for sharing.
-- Antonia Guerra, 5/28/12

Helen: It was sooo nice to run into you at the store. I have fond memories of your time at S.M.S. I loved looking through all of the various art work. It is truly sensational! Good luck to you in your love of Art.
-- George Zeigen, 4/18/12

I love your sister work. Glad you and John are well and active. Come to Ohio sometime. Bill
-- Bill White, 8/29/11

Helen, this is wonderful work! Very creative and unique. A true expression of one-self.
-- Rosanna Carlini, 8/23/11

WOW! i love your art! I do the same kind of art but people around me are very negative and make me feel like i would not sell it but after seeing your art has given me hope :)
-- Charmayne Howroyd, 6/9/11

Looking forward to seeing your latest artwork. Loving my paintings!!
-- Carol Viens, 5/12/11

My guests love your artwork as evidenced by all of their lovely comments on the 3 pieces I have showcased in my vacation rental! My friend Pamela is coming next weekend to the Show - just to see your art and hopefully buy!
-- Kim Dueringer, 5/8/11

Very exciting
-- Scott Thomas, 5/1/11

Just admiring your artwork. Tell John I said Hi.
-- Jim Felli, 4/18/11

Hi Helen, It has been a real inspiration watching you create! Robyn Swesey
-- Robyn Swesey, 8/27/10

hi helen,looking at your work and i love the red vase and the cascading bridge.i love bridges.
-- Letha Marr Saltzman, 8/7/10

Hi Helen, It was a pleasure to visit w/you yesterday. I don't know much about abstract art, but your work really put me in a trance! Had a difficult time snapping out of it, you must be really good! Thanks again, I love your art work!
-- Rick (Steak Guy), 8/7/10

Helen, Thank you for looking at my work, your wonderful comments and for sharing the love of texture with the world. Happy "making".
-- Aspire, 2/1/10

TINNETTE HEMMONSCongrats on your sale...Your abstracts are wonderful and I love the textures. Beautiful work!!!

These are wonderful, Helen! New ideas just keep coming, it seems. The detail photos help me appreciate your intricate work. The wall-mounted photos also give me a better idea of its total look.
-- Kathleen Saunders, 7/29/09

Helen, What absolutely gorgeous pieces of art. I hope Pam is also able to view these. Have fun in the Bay area. Sounds like a great trip. b
-- Bernice Rohlich, 7/29/09

Your website is fun and interesting. Hope we can see some of the art in person. maria and jay (down the hill)
-- Maria Ackley, 7/15/09

So excited for you about the recent painting you sold in San Francisco & so quickly!
-- Kayla L. White, 6/17/09

Helen's Originals showcases abstract acrylic mixed media, printmaking with monotypes, dry point and gyotaku, figurative collage, and informative blog entries. 

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