The Art of Giving

  Transforming my art from a hobby into a business required a change in mind set.  After many months of creating paintings, I had to find a way to move them through the studio and out the door so as to have room to experiment with new ideas.  I am not a sales oriented person;  I need something to motivate me to get out there and sell!
  I have donated to several meaningful causes in the past seven years. They were:  feeding the hungry of the world and helping them to become self sufficient, Heifer,  a clean water project in Peru through Rotary, CAA art scholarships, and the Stanwood Camano Food Bank. 

In 2019, I plan to give  money to CAA for art scholarships and to a program in the Philippines that allows children to go to school and to try to break the circle of poverty they have been born into. My brother in law, Ronnie,  brought this program to my attention,   I am now sponsoring a young girl every month so she can attend school and have a chance at reaching her dreams.



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Helen, I so admire what you are doing with Heifer! I like your art, too. Best wishes, Diane Jean BHS '68
-- Diane Jean, 4/4/10

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