The Art of Giving

  Transforming my art from a hobby into a business required a change in mind set.  After many months of creating paintings, I had to find a way to move them through the studio and out the door so as to have room to experiment with new ideas.  I am not a sales oriented person;  I need something to motivate me to get out there and sell!
  I have donated to several meaningful causes in the past seven years. They were:  feeding the hungry of the world and helping them to become self sufficient, Heifer,  a clean water project in Peru through Rotary, CAA art scholarships, and the Stanwood Camano Food Bank. 

In 2021, I plan to continue donating to local causes with the Stanwood Camano Food Bank at the top of the list.



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Helen, I so admire what you are doing with Heifer! I like your art, too. Best wishes, Diane Jean BHS '68
-- Diane Jean, 4/4/10

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